Tips for Beautiful Wedding Day Skin

You’re getting married! Here are my 3 Tips for Beautiful Wedding Day Skin. You will want to listen to me here. I am not only a skincare expert with 11 years experience; I was also a Bridal Consultant before I opened Tres Belle Spa in Brooklyn, NY. Your photos will be memories that you look back on for a long time, you want to look radiant. Clean, glowing skin will also help prolong any cosmetics applied to your face that day.You can use these 3 EASY tips as part of any prep you’re already doing, or turn them into a 3 month or 3 week plan for you and your soon-to-be.

Tip 1: Eat Well

Swap OUT: Processed Food; made of mostly empty calories with little to no nutrients. They often contain additives that may be irritating to your digestive system, which is in direct correlation to your skin.

Swap IN: Food made with fewer ingredients, all of which you recognize. Make your own food at home. Save time by doubling recipes and portioning left-over’s into oven ready containers.

Swap OUT: white flour: Pastas and white flour breads age skin by breaking down collagen which leads to sagging. They also cause spikes in your blood sugar which leads to inflammation through-out the body.
Swap IN: Whole grain flour breads and pastas. Use brown rice instead of white. No “minute rice” or “partially cooked” rice, those are processed and lack nutrients.

Swap OUT: Dairy: one of the top causes of acne and congested skin. Dairy is full of hormones, and stimulates sebaceous glands causing over production of oil.
Swap IN: A slice of avocado your sandwich, it’s even creamier than cheese! Nut milk for cereal, coffee and tea.

Tip 2: Get Moving

Move it NOW: Exercise improves circulation to your skin and sweating helps to release skin of toxins.

Keep Moving: Ever had a “stress break-out?” Even small amounts of physical activity are scientifically proven to relieve stress and quiet the mind.

Go! Go! Go!: Your skin releases natural “good” oils when you exercise, making your skin glow.

Tip 3: Get Facials

For Health: Facials are not just about beauty, they’re also about wellness. Your epidermis is your body’s largest organ; it needs to be functioning at top peak to do its job of protecting you. Your skin is a barrier that shields you from illness and environmental damage.

For Beauty: A good facial may help to detox your skin of months, even years of grimy build up, deep under the surface. Congested skin often appears dull. Facials help skin to get toned and fresh, exuding a healthy youthful radiance.

For Confidence: A licensed Esthetician is trained to help resolve all sorts of skin issues that might be making you feel “not so confident.” Professionals have access to techniques and ingredients unavailable to the general public that can help heal acne, get rid of scars, smooth away fine lines and bring youth and brightness back to skin.

Peas and Love,






Allison Tray, Proprietress, Tres Belle Spa
105 Bond Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217