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VeKa Bridal is a beautiful, one of kind store with dresses you can’t find anywhere else. Featuring designers from as far away as Australia and Europe, to some small dress designers here in the U.S. They moved to Atlantic Ave from their address in Manhattan, due to high rent prices that seemed to have skyrocketed in their SoHo location. The two have been friends since they were little. About 15 years ago when they were both shopping for wedding dresses, they saw that all of the stores they went into were big and confusing and wanted a very small boutique look with designers and decided to open their own. They wanted to bring a different kind of experience to bridal shops in this area and people seem to enjoy it.

veka-post2VeKa Bridal’s specialty is contemporary and non-traditional wedding dresses and accessories. Most of the dresses at VeKa are a modern French style, and their best seller is a clean, slim silhouette that is chic and minimalistic; that is both timeless and glamorous. Prices range from $1500-$3500.  This bridal shop has always focused on small and local designers and nothing in their store is mass-produced. They want to show that each of these designers has there own point of view and that’s what makes their dress shop so unique. They are very exclusive when it comes to the designers that they carry and that no other store will have. With their couture designs, anything can be customized to fit you.

VeKa Bridal GownWhen asking the VeKa Bridal team what their advice was for brides shopping for a dress, they said that the bride should always shop alone first. If they don’t have a vision of the type of wedding dress they want they should always shop at a bigger store first. And once you know what type of dress you want bring the person that knows you best. It is also much easier to find the shape of the dress to fit beautifully but it is hard to find out what type of bride you want to be. What type of mood you want your wedding to have. Whether it is sexy, sweet or glamorous you always want to know what mood you want to create for your guests.


veka-post3VeKa Owner Jana also says that brides should start looking for dresses 6-8 months before the big day especially if you are having it custom made. 1-2 months of searching is plenty of time to shop otherwise you will get very frustrated after months of searching. When asking about up and coming trends, they have seen vintage in the last few years, but anything from the 20’s-50’s is very much in or lace glamour and Hollywood.

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