You’re Engaged

Congratulations! What happens now? Chances are, you have already begun to envision what your wedding may look like. You may have already been fantasizing about this day since childhood, but what images are conjured up when you visualize yourself on your wedding day? Take a moment to consider it. Maybe you have already begun checking out the bridal blogs and various magazines.

The proliferation of blogs and websites dedicated to wedding planning has made it easy to virtually collect ideas and view the latest trends. On the other hand, too much immersion can also turn it into an overwhelming process, or possibly create further pressure upon you to fit into a particular mold.

Let’s talk about vision and inspiration. What makes you unique? Seek those things that you’ve always loved and gravitated towards, or simply make you feel alive. What do you and your fiance have in common? Jackie-O and John Kennedy? Zombies swing dancing in the moonlight? A night in Casablanca?Make it yours! Turn it into a date night and use this as an opportunity to get to know your fiance even more.

If you are stuck, take a cue from the Five W’s and see if this helps you:

-Who inspires you?
-What inspires you?
-When are you are inspired?
-Where are you inspired?
-Why are you inspired?

“Be true to your work and your work will be true to you.” Follow your heart and find those elements that are true to you. Not only will that approach potentially help narrow down the worldwide web of choices, but it will bring confidence, strength and above all, fun, to the wedding planning process. In the future, as you reflect upon your wedding day, you will remember who you both were, not who the trend setters wanted you to be.

Oh, and if you are having a wedding that actually involves zombies swing dancing in the moonlight, please be sure to call me, that’s a wedding I would LOVE to photograph!